The patterns 

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Whimsical Little Knits 2 includes twelve patterns; Damson, Emily, Scroll Lace Scarf,  and Peaks Island Hood to keep your shoulders and neck stylish and warm. Veyla, Cotton Reel Mittens and Snapdragon flip tops for toasty warm hands and fingers. For cosy heads try Ripley or Snapdragon Tam. Nathaniel, Smith and Wee Mushrooms are ready for a snuggle or decorating your space.

Each pattern includes clear directions, a choice of written directions or charts whenever appropriate.



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A pretty, simple little shawl, requiring just one skein of sock yarn, that’s fun to knit and easy to wear. Working two columns of paired yarn over increases that radiate from the centre neck cast on creates a curved shape that drapes perfectly around your shoulders. Increasing at the edges on both right and wrong side rows results in long points that make Damson ideal to wear as a scarf. Large scale lace creates a dramatic scalloped edge, finished with a deceptively simple looped edging.


Ever since I first encountered Emily Martin’s ( work I’ve dreamed of knitting an adorable, Emily inspired, capelet. Worked from side to side and shaped with simple short row wedges the capelet features a neat integrated I-cord edging around the neck and a deep lace and cable pattern around the gently flared bottom edge. The yarn used is perfect in garter stitch, so light and lofty that you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but whether at the ball or the supermarket it will keep your shoulders warm and add a little fairytale romance to your outfit.


Adorable squirrel shaped cushion that will bring a little woodland whimsy to your home. He’s fun to knit, although he’s made of 2 flat silhouettes with a garter stitch strip between them he’s knit seamlessly in the round.

Nathaniel is just the right size to be a cozy, functional cushion that also looks wonderful propped on a bed or chair when you’re not squashing him.


A fun, versatile hat with a couple of simple variations on the basic pattern that lead to a completely different style. Sculptural pleats can be worn at the side for a cute vintage style cloche with a girly lace edge. Shown at the back of the slouchier version they help all of that extra fabric drape perfectly, the casual slouchiness and neat garter stitch band result in a more modern, unisex look. Of course if you happen to want a slouchy hat with a lace edging you can combine the different elements however you like.

Cotton Reel Mittens

Fun, colourful mittens that can be made either fingerless or with closed tops to keep your fingers toasty warm. They combine traditional stranded colourwork techniques and shaping, with a simple and modern geometric pattern. The cuffs begin with an I-cord edging that creates little loops for hanging or for attaching an optional string, because even grown ups can lose their mittens and you put too much work into these for that! Colourful reels of cotton inspired my friend Natalie’s wonderful dyeing. The colourwork pattern also echoes the shape of the ends of the reels, like the prints I made from them as a child.

Peaks Island Hood

A hooded scarf that’s designed to look equally good with the hood up or down. The ends feature a simple shell pattern that’s echoed in the hood shaping and that can be worked in either direction which means that the whole thing is worked in one piece. One end of the scarf is longer than the other to be wrapped around your neck once and the crossed over ends are fastened with a few pretty vintage buttons, keeping the chills away from your chest without any extra bulk.

Scroll Lace Scarf

A pretty, lacey scarf that combines the work of two wonderfully talented friends of mine. Its shallow curved shape, perfect for gracefully wrapping around your neck, was inspired by Laura Chau’s Just Enough Ruffles Scarf pattern and Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt created the beautiful yarn. The flowing, organic edging pattern, with its unusually large holes, is Victorian and although her identity is long lost I’m extremely grateful to the talented knitter who dreamed it up for me to use. All I can take credit for with this design is the mixing of all of these elements, but I love the result and hope you do too. Originally published in Yarn Forward issue 15

Snapdragon Tam

A cosy tam featuring an allover lattice cable pattern, with petals (or perhaps they’re little flames) that grow organically in the centre of each open section. Although the instructions look lengthy and the chart may seem a little daunting Snapdragon is surprisingly simple to knit, and of course you can work from either written or charted directions. Whether worked in a bright glowing colour or a cool neutral Snapdragon is a fun pattern that’s sure to cheer up dreary winter days and would make a perfect gift.

Snapdragon Fliptops

Fun and highly practical mittens with flip-tops that will keep your fingers toasty warm but allow them to make a quick escape when you need to unlock the door or button your coat. The cable and petal pattern on the cuffs grows into an elegant motif on the back of the hand that invisibly incorporates the necessary shaping for the thumb. Picking up stitches for the flip-tops has the potential to look messy but detailed instructions are provided for a method that looks virtually seamless.


Smith is an adorable Hedgehog that can be knit in a variety of sizes by using different yarn weights. Although knitting anything with spikes is going to be a little fiddly, the construction method used is simple and fun. The body is worked in the round and the spikes are worked in separate pieces and joined to the body as you go, this also makes it easy to work the spikes in a darker colour if desired. Smith was inspired by one of my favourite childhood books, Smith the Lonely Hedgehog by Althea.


Pretty fingerless mitts with a buttoned lace cuff. The cuff, featuring a drooping elm leaf pattern, is worked back and forth and then stitches are picked up along one edge and the rest of the mitt is knit in the round downwards. Thumb increases and a single leaf motif on the back of the hand echo the lace cuff. Requiring just a small amount of fingering weight yarn, Veyla are the perfect way to use a special, luxury yarn.

Wee Mushrooms

Sweet little mushrooms weighted with coins so that they can stand up on their own. Make them to go with Smith the hedgehog, or just as a decoration.