10 things I love (almost) as much as yarn – Amanda Jarvis

by ysoldateague April 08, 2014


We all love yarn and needlework but one of my favourite things about being part of the knitting community has been meeting people with such a variety of interests and passions. So I thought it might be fun to ask them to share what else they love.

Amanda Jarvis is one of my very favourite people to eat dinner with. You might recognise Amanda from her beautiful modelling in Little Red in the City or maybe you’ve met her at a trade show. Amanda works behind the scenes in the yarn industry as manager of Lorna’s Laces Yarns where she coordinates with designers to create patterns showcasing the yarns, helps develop new yarns and colours and supports yarn stores with their orders. 

Amanda’s 10 things

1. Mexico

This is my very favorite place. The place that makes my soul happy. I feel like there is a piece of me there. We have this dream of running off to Mexico and opening a tiny hotel on the beach with a really great bar and a few good bites to eat. 

2. Food

Dining and cooking specifically. I love it. I would even admit that it is my primary hobby and certainly where most of my money goes. Fortunately I live in a world class city for dining. There is always something new and I am likely to never make it through my long list of restaurants I’d like to try and dishes I would like to make. 

3. Cocktails

My husband and I seem to collect alcohol. Neither of us is a big drinker but we are certainly cocktail people. We have friends over for a dinner or lunch and I just have to break out the jars and bottles and whip up something new. We have over 2 dozen types of whiskey in our bar and a half dozen different kinds of bitters. It is just such a fun way to get to play with flavor on a small scale. 

4.  Fashion

I grew up with a subscription to Vogue. All through my life the only thing I ever consistently wanted to do was work in fashion. Yarn gives me that opportunity and I adore it. I was at a runway show last night when a text came in on my phone from a designer sending me the photos of her finished design in one of our new colors. This makes my heart sing. 

5. Books

I have a bit of a book problem. I love books. I will spend money on books when I know I shouldn’t. Cookbooks, Cocktail books, memoirs, fiction, anything. I could live to 100 and never make it through all the books on my reading list. There are always at least 3 books on my bedside table waiting to be read or in the middle of being read. I tend to read at least 2 at a time. 

6.  Flying

Flying is amazing. Airplanes are magical. The fact that I can leave my apartment in Chicago and be in the south eastern tip of Mexico in 3 1/2 hours is freaking amazing! Not to mention you get to go to airports which is the absolute best place to watch people. 

7.  Large bodies of water 

This is peace. This is power. There isn’t much more that needs be said about it. 

8.  Mid-century furniture

I was going to write about my love for decorating but this just seemed more genuine. I love the cross between modernism and warmth that mid-century furniture has. High quality woods and amazing angles and curves. I have been collecting it for about 12 years now. You have to dig and be on the look out but you can find wonderful things at very affordable prices…if you’re lucky! 

9. Chicago

Chicago is my favorite U.S. city. I would say my favorite city period but I have not been fortunate enough to travel the world yet. I love its people, architecture, restaurants, theater, museums, shops. I love its public transit and easy to understand grid system of roads. I love its few diagonal streets that when I moved here 12 years ago threw me for a loop. I love its flatness where you can just walk forever. I love the lake and how it looks so much like the ocean on a calm day. I love its long brutal winters. I love how it still shows me new things and new sides of itself. I have a crush on Chicago. 

10. Turtles

Turtles are the best. They are adorable, funny, and make great pets for someone who has a lifestyle like ours. They have existed for 220 million years and have barely evolved. Obviously they were perfect to start off and they are perfect now. Plus they are damn cute! 


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