18 row pattern repeats will be my downfall

I have a slight obsession with eveness, that knitting seems to bring to the fore. I like certain numbers and hate others. Not necessarily even against odd, but some numbers seem whole while others don’t. Using the wrong numbers even when logic dictates that it makes sense in my knitting always feels like a struggle.
Anyway, enough about that craziness. The problem with my current project is that I hate to stop in the middle of something. It took me until 2.30pm to get dressed today, simply because I’d decided that I was going to finish a repeat or run out of yarn before I’d do anything else. This is not craziness on my part I have decided, it is some great cosmic force struggling for wholeness. I ran out of yarn on the exact last stitch of the pattern repeat. And then I had to get dressed. Now I should probably do some of the other things I’m supposed to be doing today. While this knitting is technically work it isn’t exactly the most pressing thing. And if I started again I’d be knitting another 18 rows. Or at least another 9, because that is half the repeat, a number I like, and has an element of symmetry.

I’d like to put the knitalong blog up later today, but given my current inability to knit less than a block of 1116 stitches at a time I may get sidetracked.