2 by 2, knits of blue


Continuing with my terribly inefficient but very effective system of knitting everything twice the second Elijah and slipover vesty thing are progressing. The slipover vesty thing will henceforward be known as Arabella since I’ve been reading Jonathon Strange while knitting it (and other things, ’tis a very long book and I read a lot less now I no longer have to). I thought it would be nice to name something after a character from the book, especially as Susanna Clarke was the one that sent Neil Gaiman the link to Coraline.

The lightbox is ace. Anything that results in half decent photographs at 10pm is a wonderful thing, especially as it will soon be just as dark at 6pm. I picked up this lamp thingy from my parent’s house yesterday, an item more commonly used as treatment for SAD.


As my dad’s come up with the much better (but pricier!) treatment of going to Vietnam I figured he wouldn’t miss it. It’s working really well, but as you can see in the photo above it’s really bright. I need to find something brighter than a random IKEA lamp with an energy saving bulb to balance the other side. I’ve been so tired over the last few days, and while I love the aesthetics and accessories of winter I’m already dreading the lack of sunlight. So after taking photos I left the light on in the hope that it might give me more energy, I’m pretty sure it worked for my dad, the flickering effect of my knitting did make me feel almost queasy but so far the crazy bright light hasn’t resulted in the headache I was expecting. We’ll see how this works out, I certainly hope it does because a trip to somewhere sunny = a hell of a lot of knitting patterns!