Today is my blog’s third birthday. 3 years ago I’d just finished my 2nd year of university, I was working in a very quiet office, I was thinking of submitting a pattern to knitty, I needed somewhere to host a couple of free patterns I’d written up at the request of craftster members and I’d seen a few blogs and wondered whether I could do that. So I did. I never dreamed that it would end up taking over my life, lead to connections and friendships all over the world or develop into any sort of career. It never crossed my mind that so many people would want to visit here, or knit my designs or that I would even still be doing this 3 years later. Starting this blog has totally changed my life, in the most wonderful ways, and I’m very aware that none of that would have happened without you. I’m very grateful to you, for reading, for supporting my design business, for all of your comments that I’ve never replied to, for mentioning my work to your friends, for your finished objects photos, for the offers of places to stay – thank you for everything, but mostly just for being here.

In honour of the occasion and to thank you I think it’s time for a contest.

I’ve been clearing out my studio and I have a lot of goodies that I think could have much better homes that I think you might like. I’m totally stealing this idea from Miss Emily, because when I found myself watching City of Lost Children I kept thinking ‘why did no one ever tell me to watch this, really why?’ – I clearly need someone to point out the amazing things I might have missed.

Leave a comment recommending some treasure that I might be in danger of missing, be it a movie, a yarn, a place or anything you can think of, in the next 24 hours (between midnight and midnight gmt on the 6th of June) and I will use the random number generator to select 6 (or 2 sets of 3 to be more appropriate) people who will each win a box full of treasure turned up in my studio clean up. There will be some randomness involved in the exact prizes, but each box will have yarn (including some hand dyed by me), fabric (including some printed by me), one of my knitting related prints, vintage buttons and some other surprises. I’ll happily send your prize to wherever in the world you happen to be, I love how international this whole community is.

Thank you for all of your recommendations, comments are now closed and I’ll announce the winners soon.