3 Weeks Today

I’ll be on my way here –

So, very, very excited! I’m going to be spending about a week in Montreal and then I’m planning on taking the train to Toronto for another week. I’m already planning on meeting some (I love the details on her latest pattern!) awesome people but I know that I have lots of readers in Canada so if you’re in one of these cities or nearby I’d love to meet you and see your favourite places. This is a little cheeky but if anyone is able to put me up for a night or two so I don’t outstay my welcome with anyone that would be wonderful. My budget for this trip is miniscule but I’d be delighted to cook you a meal or teach some knitting techniques in exchange for a place to rest my head. This is the first time I’ve ever really travelled by myself and I’m really excited about seeing places from the point of view of locals.