5 weeks from now

I’ll be on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to New York. Very excited, but also a little freaked out – I have a lot of planning to do and a lot to get done before I leave. So far the tentative plan is to spend about 10 days in NYC, then take the train to Philadelphia then the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival (tell Laura to come!) and then I’d like to travel around to different places with my suitcase of samples and meet some of you and eventually fly from wherever I end up to Cleveland and from there to TNNA. BUT Maryland is the beginning of May and TNNA is mid June so there’s a bit of a gap that needs filling. I know I already sort of asked, but where should I go? Ideally I’d like to only fly once, so much as I’d love to I won’t be going to the West coast – at least not on this trip!
In other news Laura convinced me that Twitter was a good idea – so you can now follow me there too.