A little help with some words?

I need your help and there will be prizes for the help I make use of in the end. Because prizes are fun, and I really need your help!

First, bunny needs a name. The gender of this little rabbit is so far rather undecided, so see what it seems like to you. If I love the name you suggest enough to use it for the pattern then I’ll send you a free copy of the pattern as a thank you.

Here’s a close up, because you can’t possibly name something without seeing its face.

Secondly, I’ve decided to do a little active marketing with some ads on Ravelry, and maybe Craftster. I think I know pretty well what patterns I want to feature, but I’m stuck on how to describe my designs in a few words. I’m in need of a tagline of sorts and since these things are often easier to come up with from a little distance I thought I’d ask for your help. I may end up letting the pictures speak for themselves, but I’d love your input and if you come up with something I end up using I’ll send you a free pattern of your choice from my shop.

Thank you for being here to answer whatever questions I might throw at you.