a little knitting and some random thoughts

The reading hoodie is progressing slowly (although if I wasn’t procrastinating on Uni work so much it would be even slower). This is the first shoulder, completed up to the point where those stitches will be grafted with those from the back shoulder without any more knitting. More playing with seamless set in sleeves. I think I’ve worked out how to do the hood too, so I really want to get to the that. I know I started off writing up really detailed explanations on how I’m making this. It seems doubtful that there are many people other than me who would want to knit an entire 4ply hoodie, so I’m not planning on selling a pattern for this. However, I found writing up the process interesting, and although I don’t have time to do it right now (need to make sure it turns out well too!) I would like to finish it and compile the previous post into a page or pdf file or something. More of a sweater recipe than a pattern, because I think it would be quite adaptable to different yarn weights – except for maybe the cuffs, which I do think are the best part of this, those might be a bit impractical if they were thicker. Anyway, as I said, I would like to do this but it’s always good to know whether there is any demand for it. So let me know if you’re interested.
I’m in the midst of finals, trying to write an essay on the relationships that some ‘black Atlantic’ writers have with symbolism. With all that I’m reading for that and all the crazy things that are going on in the world today it seems important to remind myself that while my education might be hard, it’s also a very, very privileged position and one that amidst all of the procrastination and avoidance an opportunity to appreciate whether or not that makes it easier.

On a lighter note, my mother claims that I didn’t emphasis my stubbornness nearly enough in my last post. No idea whether that would be at all possible but try imagining some foot stomping and screaming thrown in. But that’s not important, because bizarrely I actually won. Knew there must have been something prompting me to write up that story so close to the deadline and after I had decided not to bother. Strange.