A little wonderland in a giant shed

by ysoldateague June 30, 2010


I wanted to use the booth at TNNA to show our many, many samples (and a few from my friends) of course, but also to create a fun space to experience.

I certainly had fun although I always feel a little dazed after events and TNNA was like an extreme version of that. However, for the benefit for those of us who either weren’t there, didn’t get to talk as much as we’d like, or who can’t really remember much (that might just be me!), Cat and Eric from Let’s Knit 2gether put together a video interview with me, where you can see more of the booth and the designs in the new book.

Photobooth mosaic

One of my very favourite parts of the booth, and one I’ll be bringing to every event ever from now on because it was awesome, was the photobooth. It was very, very diy but with Casey’s help I got it working and now I actually have the photos I didn’t have time to take. You can see the whole set here.

tea party 2

I know, since I did it last year, how exhausting and overstimulating walking the show floor (so many amazing things to see!) can be, so I wanted to do something to help people relax. And so we held a tea party, with charity shop china, loose tea and cakes.

tea party

It was a LOT of work getting ready for this and Sarah deserves a million rounds of applause, but I’m so glad we did it.

we bought ikea

We pretty much bought Ikea, and then had to figure out how to get everything in the van for our long drive from Gudrun’s (who is also deserving of applause for her help) to Ohio.

blocking on the road with added bobsolda

The sun had been replaced with rain as soon as I started blocking these sweaters, so I had to block them on the way. This worked surprisingly well, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation!

knitting on the road

At least the journey resulted in a lot of knitting time, more so for me than the 2 who actually can drive.

I spent the time working on some hats to demonstrate a technique for Knitting Daily TV. The show won’t be out for a while but here’s a behind the scenes sneak peek.


I really love working in this industry and have made a lot of friends, most of whom are horribly scattered so it’s so much fun to actually see them in person. It was also a great chance to talk more with yarn store owners and make some fun plans. If you have a yarn store and would like to know what we’re up to you can sign up for the new newsletterhere. I promise not to pester you too much! Can’t let the stores have all the fun though, so if you’re not a yarn store but like the idea of being the first to know about new things and exclusive promotions there’s also a newsletterfor you!


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