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A thrilling tale of finishing

by ysoldateague November 07, 2008


Halfway through the final round of the hap blanket I ran out of the red yarn. No problem I said, spying my swatch for this cardigan in the same yarn pinned to the wall of my studio. I carried on, unzipping the little swatch as I went. That got me this far.

Two thirds of the way through the final side of the bind off and I got to the end of the swatch. Tried hunting for scraps of yarn leftover from the cardigan, but my studio’s a mess and I’d been spit splicing and this was my third project with the yarn. I didn’t find any leftovers.

Third project? Yes. In between using this yarn for the cardigan and the blanket I made some fingerless mittsfrom it. Well they weren’t so important and I’d probably still be able to get my hands in them if I took out a couple of rows.


Breaking one project so I could finish another, even if pattern projects rank higher than keeping me warm ones, wasn’t hugely appealing though so I went to get a snack.

And there, on the kitchen worktop, I found this.


Turns out the blanket was my fourth project in this yarn. A few weeks ago I was knitting the cardigan at work during a crochet class and wanted to join in the flower making fun. So I made this and tied it in my hair, just a silly totally rippable little thing.


And then I finished the blanket.


And discovered that it’s really pretty big.


It’s now taking a bath and I’m hoping I have enough floorspace in my bedroom to pin it out somewhere I won’t keep tripping on it.

The most ridiculous thing about this whole story? The red ended up in the blanket because I bought 6 skeins for the cardigan and used a little less than 4, so then I knit the mitts and still had most of a skein left. I bought 6 skeins of the grey alpaca for the blanket and used a little less than 4, do you see where this is going? Maybe I should just take the 2 unwound skeins to work with me tomorrow and exchange them for something else.


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