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A Valentine for a Verb for Keeping Warm

February 14, 2011


I can’t believe it’s been a month since I visited A Verb for Keeping Warm! It’s a wonderful store – the space looks enormous in this picture and I couldn’t even fit everything in.


It’s full of beautiful yarns, including Kristine’s own naturally dyed line and a carefully curated selection of other brands.


Plus there are colourful shelves full of fabric, which I managed to avoid because the ratio of my fabric purchasing > sewing was getting a little embarrassing.


Kristine hides behind a magical spindle tree.


There’s also a gallery space, currently exhibiting primarily knitted works by Sonya Phillip, who is not only a talented artist but looks adorable in Cria. That yarn, by the way, is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Courage, a colour choice that Amanda can take full credit for. I was uncertain, but doesn’t it look wonderful? I’m rather excited now, because the string of pods on the right is on it’s way to Scotland – got to figure out the perfect place for it.

mushroom dyeing-1.jpg

And tucked away behind the counter is the dye studio, where Cookie and I got to play with strange concotions / take Adrienne’s mushroom dyeing class. I’ve promised to go hunting for “exotic” Scottish dye mushrooms for her.
mushroom dyeing-7.jpg

I was so surprised by the colour range we got, this beautiful golds are admittedly mushroomy, but Cookie also ended up with a complex blue grey, which I don’t have a photo of, of course. It even smells kind of mushroomy and kind of like the woods.


They made me stand up and talk in front of a crowd of knitters for an hour, but people asked great questions and seemed interesting so hopefully I didn’t bore them too terribly!
KnitSonya, Ysolda & CookieA Event @ Verb

Photo shameless nicked from WonderMike

hedgehog shrooms-2.jpg

And after the event we ate some wonderful food, including these perfect hedgehog mushrooms that we begged the waiter to bring out raw so we could photograph them. He did an admirable job of humouring us while hiding how weird we seemed.




The shop is filled with inspiration, and I found it a lovely place to get some work on the book done, but if you ever need a distraction Cleo, the resident pup, is always around. I’m very proud that I restrained myself from committing any dognapping crime!


I promised you that I would have something sweeter than a price increase for Valentine’s day and I don’t mean to dissapoint. Firstly, if you’re lucky enough to have Verb as your LYS you should really head over to the Ravelry party they’re throwing tonight – Jess and Casey will be there, and I really wish I could be too. Secondly, for everyone else, I have a contest. You may have spotted something of an adorable woodland theme here, and you might even have noticed a tiny hedgehog lurking in some of the photos. Well, quite a few of these pictures have a hidden hedgehog (she’s more hidden in some of them than others), so your mission is to find them all and leave a comment with the total. The grand prize winner will receive a package of goodies from both A Verb for Keeping Warm and me, and 50 runners up will receive a copy of the Smith pattern, so you can make your own wee hedgehog.

Thanks for playing! Comments are now closed and I’ll be in touch with the winners as soon as I get a chance to go through the data. In case you were wondering though, there were 10 hedgehogs hiding


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