A visit to West Kilbride

A note: I just found this lovely post that Sarah wrote a while back saved as a draft on the blog. I don’t know about you, but I could do with dreaming of a cheery day visiting one of my favourite dyers today – I’ve got a bit of a headache, the design I’m working on isn’t behaving very well and it’s so gloomy outside that I’m starting to wonder if it can really be getting dark at 3pm. So let’s put the kettle on and enjoy this. – Ysolda x

I’m back from my travels now, but before we headed up north we spent a day with the lovely Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt yarns in the beautiful little town of West Kilbride.  We’ve visited a few times before for both dyeing and purchasing, but Erin was keen to play with the dyepots and I didn’t really need an excuse to go along too.

We started off by trying out colours on some little skeins. 

Then we drank tea and played with this little guy.  (That’s not totally true, I actually played with Finn all day long, whenever my hands were free.) 

And then there was some serious dyeing business, Erin had some some pretty big plans! 

I got a little overexcited by the dyeing process this time, as each skein I dyed was for a specific project, and came out exactly  as I’d hoped.  Here’s my finished pile of superwash merino, which I’m itching to get on my needles. (Thanks for the picture, Erin!)

If you can’t get there in person though, Lilith’s studio is filled with the lovely yarns she sells online


And of course, a sheep wearing an Ishbel