A wee holiday

I’m going away for a week, to a little cottage in the middle of nowhere that has no internet. Since I’m feeling so run-down and overwhelmed by the many things I’ve been trying (and failing) to get done this seems like it will be a welcome break. I’ll be staying with my mum and aunt, hillwalking, reading, baking and of course knitting. I think I’ve caught up on my-need-to-respond-to email, but not at all on the want-to-respond-to-stuff, so apologies for that. Thank you for all of the lovely comments lately, I wish I’d had a chance to respond to them all personally.
If you’re currently working on one of my patterns I obviously won’t be around to answer questions, but there are some wonderfully helpful people on craftster, ravelry and the knitty coffee shop that I’m sure will be able to help you out.
I’ll be back in a week or so, hopefully a lot more refreshed and ready to tackle some pattern writing and new designing. Until then I’ll leave you with some pretty photos of things other people have made from my patterns. Plus – look what Clarabelle’s already finished!


1. DSCF0253, 2. Matilda Jane Back, 3. front, 4. Cloud Bolero, 5. Cloud Bolero, 6. Briar Rose, 7. One Opera Glove, 8. Kitty Stuffies 2, 9. kittynate, 10. Stuffie – Heart, 11. Elegance!, 12. Briar Rose, 13. Stuffie for Oscar, 14. Cloud Bolero II Front, 15. fleece artist scarf on chair, 16. Back, 17. arisaig side button, 18. arisaig inside buttons 2, 19. Cloud Bolero Front, 20. Illusion Knitting