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adventures – from christmas, to a scary accident, to winterwonderland, to my career as a film director

by ysoldateague January 18, 2006


Well that’s the longest post title, I’ve ever written. Hell it’s the longest post title I’ve ever seen.
And this is a lengthy post – knitting content is right at the end, if that’s all you wanted feel free to scroll past the life gets in the way part.

Christmas was fun, a nice quiet family christmas. We had red snapper for dinner and I took some great photos of their heads – which I was going to post but I’m not sure you want to see them. If your desperate to see photos of fish heads on this blog (and you’re willing to speak up about it) let me know :). Otherwise I don’t want to scare anyone.

I didn’t really do much the rest of the holidays. Until I was out on the 28th with some friends. I woke up in A+E (ER) at about 9 in the morning the next day with no memory of the last 6 hours or so (I still have no memories at all) and a fairly nasty head injury. From various sources we know where I was found by an ambulance and what time I left the club – there isn’t a terribly worrying time period and I’ve got no other injuries. I’m still waiting to here back from the police about the results of urine tests, which the hospital neglected to do because they assumed I was just drunk. I know what I’m like when drunk, I also know how much I can drink. I do not start attacking strangers or forget my own name either.
I’m fine now – head’s a funny shape and still painful but it’s healing up. I wasn’t sure whether to post this but hopefully it will serve as a warning. Be fucking careful, look after your drinks, look after your friends (one reason I ended up not being looked after was that I went out with one set of people and met others – who didn’t know I was there on my own by that point). I know full well how lucky I am, this could have been a lot worse.

A couple of days later I went snowboarding in France – possibly not the smartest thing to do while recovering from such an injury. But I took things easy – I SLEPT through new year, very possibly for the first time in my life. By the end of the week I was snowboarding – with my brother’s expert instruction. The place we were in was beautiful. This photo was taken from our balcony:


and this is me, with obligatory Kittyville hat that even my mum by the end of the week had decided that she might not like it but it is useful – make finding me in a crowd easy as pie


and look – snow, a carousel and deckchairs, strange places these ski resorts:


and, contain your excitement, instead of cars they had horses and sleighs (and snowmobiles but thouse aren’t as exciting):


Classes started back a couple of days later, and now everyone is freaking out because the first part of our dissertations (a research document, whatever that is, that’s worth exactly the same amount of credits as the actual essay) is due in in 3 weeks. I should do some work. My actual courses so far are sort of fun. Creative writing was defintely a good choice.

I had fun in Aberdeen this weekend, although as always I came back with a cold (I had a cold when I left but I’m blaming the frozen north). Met up with some friends and my films were screening on Sunday at this great little cinema called The Belmont. Have I mentioned my films on here before? Maybe not. The first one is called ‘Old Enough to Know Better’ and the second ‘G8 Scotland: Won’t be Fooled Again.’ I was more involved in the nuts and bolts (months of editing) of the first film, but I’m in both of them. I was pretty heavily involved in organising protests against the Iraq war and Old Enough grew out of that. It’s been all over the world, won lots of awards and been shown in all kinds of places. Now the new film is following in its footsteps. Seriously I loose track of where these films get to but if you’re intersted in seeing either of them you can contact joel at piltonvideo dot org. I think I’m supposed to be going to an Indymedia workshop on online distribution on Saturday as well – hopefully after that we’ll actually get these films online.

Knitting (and sewing) content can wait until my flatmate re-appears with my camera. It went on an adventure to the zoo today which is cool but means I can’t take pictures at the moment.

All I will say is that I’ve decided after much deliberation – thanks for your help with measurements guys – not to actually make any changes to the Arisaig pattern. I’m post some advice (or a link to someone else’s advice ) on making the sleeves more tapered if you want too, but I think Mandy’s right about leaving the tops as is. While debating this I decided to check up on my own maths and make sure the sleeve caps for the largest size fit into the armholes – is that properly called an armsyce? Anyways the theory gave me some weird results , figuring out why gave me a headache. So I ended up knitting a sample (not a whole sample I’m not that crazy). And screw the theory it fitted.

And now I don’t know what to knit! I have lots of yarn, but none that I’m hugely inspired by. A couple of gifts I should make but none I’m very excited about. I want to make me something. I don’t know what. hmmph, show me your must knit lists – inspire me


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