Almost there

I’ve been working on the Coraline and my own self imposed deadline was today but some things got in the way and it’s not quite done. I could have made my deadline, but there doesn’t seem any point in only having to work to your own deadlines if you can’t bend them a little so that the end result is as good as possible and not rushed at all. So new deadline – Monday! And until then the pattern pages are up on Ravlery and my store so you can start queuing and planning yarns. One of the reasons that this has taken so long is that I’m doing 3 versions of the pattern, each of which will contain 6 sizes so there will be a total of 18 sizes covering bust sizes from 28″ – 62″. I hope that’s appreciated and makes everyone happy! The only  thing that I wish I was able to do is to show the sample in more than one size, I do realise that I’m pretty petite and that it can be hard to visualise how a design will look on a different shape or larger size. That’s the beauty of Ravelry though so I’m really looking forward to seeing Coraline on you.