An announcement

This is a post I really wish I didn’t have to write, but I’m afraid I can’t see a way to avoid it. Obviously Little Red in the City has grown in size and scope from my original vision, and that also means the costs involved have risen dramatically. Unfortunately this means that I have to increase the cover price. The new price for books purchased directly will be £20, the ebook will be £17 and the suggested retail price in USD will be $32. This price increase will go into effect on June 1st to give people who have been considering pre-ordering a chance to get it at the current price.
I know that the shipping cost for customers in Europe is high and I’m sorry that shipping to you from the US was our best option. The book is now available to pre-order from which should have a lower shipping rate and will mean there are no customs fees. The book is currently discounted there, although of course ordering directly means you will get digital content before you receive your printed book and accompanying download code in the mail. Another option (that I’d love!) would be to ask you local yarn store to order it.

Remember that you’ll receive all of the digital content free with your printed book no matter where you buy it from, but you’ll only receive pattern updates in advance if you order it directly from me or through Ravelry.