And I sew too!

sewing.jpgOne of the best things about visiting Fancy Tiger Crafts was that, since they do all kinds of crafts, they have sewing machines set up in their classroom. The well appointed space combined with an inspiring fabric selection proved too tempting and one day I put my computer away and started playing instead. I love sewing, but don’t have much time to do it these days, and just like knitting I like to make up my own projects. Jamie and Amber ended up joining my skirt making and it’s thanks to them and their experience making sewing tutorials that you can make a skirt like mine too. Click through to their blog to download the free tutorial that they put together! I really love that this gave me a way to use a small amount (a fat quarter) of wonderful handprinted fabric by a local artist. Now I’m excited to get home and look at the other special little pieces I have stashed.