And the winner is…

Comment no. 117 – Melanie,:

“I’ve been keeping warm with my clapotis. Mine is made of lace-weight yarn held double so it’s more scarf sized than shawl but I made it extra long so it wraps around and around my neck and keeps it super toasty.”

I hope you enjoy your Rose Red kit Melanie

scroll lace-6

And this week’s 20% off pattern sale is on the Scroll Lace Scarf, which I wore on Monday’s trip to the botanic gardens, love wearing it all casually bundled up like this.

It wasn’t until I got there that I realised I’d taken the original pattern photos in the same location on a crisp, sunny day last autumn. So if you’re planning a chilly trip to a pretty garden clearly this is the pattern for you. And perhaps, if you aren’t able to visit a garden, it will at least be a nice reminder of one, while it keeps you snug on the way to work. Discount code is “brr”, enter it at the checkout (here or on ravelry) or click here to purchase the pattern now.

scroll lace-7

My mum took this photo and told me to stop making silly faces, followed by “you’re going to put that on your blog aren’t you”

me: “of course”

her: “and in 20 years time you’ll look back and be embarrassed”

me: “what on earth makes you think I’m going to grow up?”