And the winner is

I’m delighted to announce that the randomly chosen winner of the Coraline pattern contest is Rebecca who said:
“I think something for a Lady of Grace Adieu would be lots of fun to see you design. Something to wear as you incite your friends to serve as owls and eat the potential murderers of your orphaned charges, all in a delicate, ladylike way.

Or just take inspiration from the lovely production values of the hardback, with the vaguely threatening but delicate moonflowers.”

I think this is a great suggestion, I loved the book and it also seems especially fitting because Susanna Clarke who wrote it is the reason that Gaiman ever saw the Coraline pattern. When I met him he told me she was really excited about it, which delighted me and means she’d probably be pleased to inspire a knitting pattern.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, there was some wonderfully inspiring ideas – both in terms of design and reading. Reading through your comments made me want to run off in one direction with a sketchbook and in the other to the library. I haven’t read everything that came up in the entries, but nothing could make a book sound more appealing to me than reading about how a character from it should inspire a design.