Another pattern writing question

As you’ve probably noticed I like to give a wide range of sizes for my patterns. This is important to me so I’m certainly not going to stop, but it can pose some challenges in presenting a clear pattern. The usual way of writing the numbers for the different sizes “s[m, l, xl]” quickly becomes harder to read the more sizes there are. In the past I’ve split patterns into 2 or 3 size groups each with their own pattern file (Coraline, with 18 sizes presented in 3 different groups is a good example). This works pretty well, but for a few reasons I’d really like a way to include all of the sizes in one document. The pattern I’m working on today provisionally has 14 sizes and I’m considering writing the directions like this:

For the sake of comparison, although I don’t think I’d ever write a pattern with this many sizes like this, here is the same section written normally:

The table is obviously better, but I’m wondering if you like it?

Edit: I agree that shading alternate columns would make it easier to read, but I didn’t do that because when working from the pattern you’ll only care about 1 column and the best thing to do would be to mark the column for your size beforehand.