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Back to School

by ysoldateague January 09, 2007 4 min read

Thank you so very, very much for all the sweet comments about Snow White.
Apologies for the absence, I was busy last week with some family stuff and didn’t have time to blog, or reply to emails or anything. I’ve still not caught up with everything I was going to do last week at all, and some of it is now on hold. Term started this week, and maybe it’s because this might be the last time I ever get to experience it but I’m completely in that promising ‘back to school’ mode. Yesterday I bought new notebooks (moleskins, yay!) and stuff to make a new bag and skirt. I’m ahead on the reading for my courses for the first time ever, and then after my class this morning I went to the library and did the reading for my class on Thursday. The dissertation deadline is looming very scarily now though. But still, this good student thing is a bit of a novelty. I wonder how long it will last? (Lets hope beyond the first day of term at least, because I think if I work hard this term I might get a first and you know ‘fulfill my potential’).


Last night, I was being strangely organised about this morning and decided to have a shower at night so I could stay in bed longerbe on time for my class. My hair is incredibly fine and ends up a horrible mess while I sleep so that I invariably end up washing it in the morning again anyway. To avoid that, and also because I’m a little obsessed with vintage hairstyles, I curled it with rags. I used to do this a lot when I was about 9 and obsessed with novels like the Chalet School, although I think the rag ringlets obsession started with the My Naughty Little Sister books. Please though, don’t do this to a kid unless she is really excited about the idea. Otherwise the discomfort seems like a form of torture.


I’ve never made such tight curls doing this before, it wasn’t quite what I was aiming for but I love the craziness of it. They’ve stayed very well, especially because I combed a little setting lotion through first because I knew rain was almost certain. These pictures are both a bit creepy, but were the best I managed with the beginnings and ends of the daylight and the camera at arms length thing.

– If you want to try this googling ‘rag ringlets’ will bring up some useful tutorials.
You really shouldn’t have asked how I did my hair for the Snow White pics, because now I feel validated in blogging about playing with my hair. Tomorrow I might show you how I did the Snow White style – it’s very simple.

The most excellent necklace I bought ages ago from here: site I found via craftster.


The necklace in the Snow White post was a birthday gift (incidentally my birthday is in July, sorry if I was confusing posting the 21 years flickr set now although thankyou for the happy birthday wishes anyway). I saw it in Thailand and my mum sneakily bought it for me, after questioning my sanity for liking something so insanely over the top. I do adore it.

So to prevent my blog turning into a very girly magazine about hair and jewelry (do not get me started on shoes or make up) here’s my new toy.


And now I have no excuse for not doing the opera gloves pattern illustrations. Er other than that I have lots of work to do.

Do you see my Matilda cup? it was a Christmas gift from my mum and although not as good as the one she painted for me (must share that indeed) is wonderful. It really is one of my favourite books, and there can’t be many children’s novels that make learning and intelligence exciting.

Thankyou very much to everyone who offered to test knit Snow White. I started off replying to people individually but then had to do other things. My plan now is to figure out exactly what I’m looking for in terms of sizes and timescale and then I’ll email everyone who offered. First person willing to knit each size who replies gets to do it. (I’ll give some prior warning on the blog so that if you really want to do this you know when to check your email). To answer a couple of questions though:

– you have to supply your own yarn, but it does not have to be the yarn I used. I’ll give you some details on the properties I think the pattern requires from a yarn, and I’d like you to stick to gauge using a yarn of more or less the same weight.

– You do get to keep the finished sweater, although pictures would be great.

– I’ve had a few people offering to test knit asking about the necessary experience level. The pattern will be as clear as I can make it, and I’d like it to be as easy as possible for someone to knit who is learning new techniques as they go along. However there will be a timeframe that I’d like test knitters to stick to. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to struggle with that or whether (if for example it’s your first sweater) you might want to wait until you know there aren’t any issues with the pattern and you can go at your own pace.

And that was a week or more’s blogging in one. If you actually read all of that there is the possibility of winning a reward by commenting. The 1500th comment wins (um, something). It’s close, but I won’t tell you how close.


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