I spent the weekend in Baltimore, where I found a cute little craft fair. 365-56I bought a cup with a bird on it from Little Flower Designs.
On Sunday morning my host talked me into getting up early to beat the mother’s day brunch crowds and we walked to the inner harbour for breakfast. Which was totally worth getting up for.
We passed this closed but intriguing shop. Did you see Kate’s post about the women’s respository in Edinbburgh?
This seems to be a similar thing – a not for profit selling hand work by women with a distinct Victorian feel. Interestingly, unlike the one in Edinburgh, this one seems to have attracted some younger etsyish crafters too. It also has a cafe, sadly I left Baltimore without getting a chance to step inside, but it looks like it’s worth a visit.
I was only officially engaged to spend Saturday afternoon at Lovely Yarns, but the sunny back porch and fun knitters drew me back on Sunday too. It’s easy to spot from a distance by the knitting wrapped tree.
I’ve always liked porches, my play house had one, but they’re rare in Scotland. Which might be a problem since porch is now firmly on my list of dream home features. Along with ‘by the sea’, ‘room for alpacas and chickens’ and ‘in a big city’. These may not be the most compatible ideals!