I’m at work right now, which is fun since I work here, but I can’t wait to get home tonight so I can unpin this.


This most definitely was not one of those magical projects where everything falls perfectly into place, but I think that the problems made it better in the end. I started off wanting to use a fairly simple traditional stitch for the edging, but it didn’t look as good as I’d envisioned and eventuallly I gave up on that idea and started more or less from scratch. Initially I dubbed this the ‘cherry shawl’ simply becuase it was the name of the colourway but it seems to have grown into the name fully with a cherry patterned border. The yarn is Old Maiden Aunt *Cashmere Silk 2 ply, which I scored because it was a slightly flawed skein with a couple of  knots. It’s a beautiful yarn and if this skein didn’t make it I’m pretty impressed with her quality control. There are buckets of it in different colours sitting a few feet away from me right now, but I’m trying to exercise some self control. I’ve got another red lacy project to finish first.

* I can’t see the cherry on her site, but we have it in stock in K1 – I know because I can see it right now!