I had so much fun in Boston with my hosts Jess and Casey (better known as Ravelry), that I hardly remembered to take any photos. Some of the highlights were, Jess’s Vespa tour, including a trip to the North End for wonderful pizza at Regina’s

followed by gelato in the sunshine.


I talked Jess into coming to the Fluevog store with me, not that she was particularly unwilling. Friday was their annual birthday sale, so we returned then


and now have matching shoes – perhaps surprisingly mine are not the red.


And of course, I had a lot of fun playing with my new friend Bob. I managed not to take a single photo at either of my events at Windsor Button or Stitch House (who incidentally had pizza and sewing machines for hire – awesome!), so if anyone has any I’d love to see. Other people are doing a much better job than I am blogging my trip – you can read more about my visit to Charlottesvile last week on my guide (and driver and house finder extraordinaire) Elizabeth’s blog.

Right now I’d better go and get ready for another event today in Providence, RI at Fresh Purls.