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By ysoldateague on 2012-03-14

by ysoldateague March 14, 2012


Books in general are pretty wonderful, books about knitting are even better, and free books about knitting might be the best of all! (Well, I’m glad they’re mostly not-free, because it means I get to eat, but you know what I mean.) Right now there are several exciting chances to win free books going on.

Last year I got to chat, and act with, the charming Wondermike and he’s put together a whole episode of his podcast, Fiber Beat, featuring our interview.Mostly we focused on Little Red in the City, so you can learn a little more about the book and the process of creating it and if you share your favourite fairy tale with Michael there’s a chance to win a print copy.

Have you seen the front page of Ravelry?They’re giving away 25 packs of 26 of the most interesting books (er, 25 of the most interesting books and my Whimsical Little Knits 3, which I do think is fairly interesting, but I’m obviously biased!) published in the last year to celebrate their newly improved library feature. Honestly this feature is so wonderful that I don’t think they need to do anything to celebrate it, apart from anything else you can now add books without patterns. Given that I can barely follow a pattern and never have time anyway the vast majority of my books fall into that category so I’m looking forward to adding them. There was also a bit of a glitch with my complicated ebook + print combos that the new library fixes. Love it! All of the details of the contest are on the Ravelry page, but essentially all you have to do is learn how to use the new library – which you almost certainly want to do anyway. If you haven’t seen some of these books yet this is also a great chance to see what’s new – there are some really wonderful titles included.

I’m particularly excited about Connie Chang Chinchio’s pretty, feminine Textured Stitches and Anna Hrachovec’s Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi: so teensy and fun, if you get a chance to see her stuff on display at an event you should make sure to check it out.

There’s actually a second book in the Ravelry giveaway featuring one of my patterns. The Fiddler’s Mitts can be found in Larrissa Brown’s fascinating My Grandmother’s Knitting that features personal family stories celebrating the rich history of our craft as it’s been handed down the generations.

The title is also such a fantastic antidote to all of those lazy “not your grandma’s knitting headlines”, as though our grandmother’s (and grandfathers, aunts, etc) weren’t just as skilled and creative as contemporary crafters. Literally as I was writing this post an additional copy of the book showed up on my doorstep, sent due to a mixup. But… instead of sending it back I get to give it away to one of you – yay!

All of this book fun inspired me to select one of my own favourite recently published books to give away to one of you, and I chose the beautiful Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig.

<a href="Hannah and Alana Photo edited and cropped - COLOR

It’s been hard to miss both of these designers over the last few years so it was exciting to see what they came up with when they collaborated. The result is a gorgeous blend of their distinct styles, while it’s still easy to tell which design is by which design. The title refers to the opposite coasts they live on, Alana in California and Hannah in Maine. This theme clearly inpired the designs and continues through the dreamy photography, creative graphic design and anecdotes about the landscape they clearly love. It’s got me dreaming of moving to the beach. I clearly love the book for the escapism, but of course the designs are gorgeous too. After I stole Alana’s Wildflower Cardigan recently at Stitches West (don’t worry, I grudgingly returned it) let’s add “time to knit that” to my fantasy beach life.


For a chance to win a copy of either My Grandmother’s Knitting or Coastal Knits just leave a comment telling me what your favourite recent knitting book is and why. Enter by the 21st of March (a week from now) and I’ll draw out 2 random winners. Don’t forget to say which book you’d like!


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