I have a cold and a spotty, puffy face so I wasn’t feeling too photogenic today but we took some pictures. The camisole looks more dramatic, and you can see the pattern more clearly, over a black top but I didn’t have a clean one.




(click to enlarge, closeups of stitch pattern below)

Name: umm, yeah, maybe I should steal Miriam’s camisole naming technique. But I think something will come to me. So far my ideas are Amaryllis, Eithne (although that has pronunciation issues I like both pronunciations and refuse to spell it Enya), Phoenix, Aurora and Firefly. None of those are really jumping out at me though so perhaps something else will appear.

Yarn: Laceweight 50% silk, 50% cashmere from PoshYarn.

Pattern: My own, it will be available one day. Probably in a few months time when I graduate, realise that I need a way to pay the bills and get through the backlog of patterns I have to write up. I’m very glad you like it though.

Needles: 3mm addis, which were surprisingly ok despite their bluntness. It really didn’t bother me much.

Now go and congratulate Kerry on the birth of baby Trinity