can I keep them?

I did indeed finish the first of these socks last night, yay! The thing is, they fit me better than any socks I’ve ever made for myself. Do I have to give them away? Of course I will, but I might make some for myself at some point.

I did manage to take it off, and my feet are back in their fuzzy feet. Cozy, but not quite so stylish.


(I will wash these socks before I post them to my aunt, don’t worry)

Oh and to everyone who has asked where I got the pattern for Snow White from. I’d love to be able to send you a link, but at the moment it’s in my head, and not quite all worked out. Sorry if I wasn’t very clear that it’s my own design. The pattern is coming though. I just need to knit this second version to check that all the changes I’ve made work out.? I’m delighted that you’re interested though.