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Catching up

by ysoldateague June 23, 2007


I swear time has sped up recently, anyway weekly blogging wasn’t an intentional thing and hopefully this will be the end of it. So here’s a quick catch up post that won’t be kept waiting around for another similar list to follow it in about ten days or so.
Some things that have been keeping me busy recently:

The fairy costume is progressing, but the recipient doesn’t need it until July so you might not see it again for a little while. It fits though, which is quite exciting – she came and twirled around my flat in it – so I think it’s a success so far.


My oldest friend, Joanna, turned 21.



Every time I’ve seen her for the last few months she’s talked about wanting to learn how to make clothes, so I put together this sewing kit for her. Heather sent me the fantastic fabric for xmas and I’ve been saving it for something special. It was too perfect not to use for this, although I did have to force myself to cut into it. Funnily enough I never feel like that about special yarn, just fabric. Probably because yarn can be salvaged.


Most of the contents, I threw in a few metres of cheap practice fabric too.


Needle holder, pincushion and tape measure. She loved the tape measure best of all. The pincushion and tape measure were made based on tuts on whip up although I adapted them to the materials I had on hand.


And in the spirit of using the special stuff, I tied the whole package with bee ribbon because I knew she would love it. Both this ribbon and the sewing fabric are now available from retrodepot.

At the moment I’m staying with my parent’s. I spent most of the first half of this week getting my flat ready to have it’s guts torn out. Hopefully my dad will be putting it back together again. We picked tiles and a sink yesterday, I can’t wait for my new bathroom and heating that works properly. I went round to pick up some things I’d realised I couldn’t live without – er, mostly knitting books – and snapped a pic. The bathroom actually looks better at this point than it did before, the bulging wall of tiles with blue grout (seriously!) has gone and removing the victorian hot water tank above the bath has made the ceiling much higher.

I’ve also been working hard on writing patterns, I’ve got 3 finished objects to do photoshoots for and I started on a couple of new designs. More about all of that fun stuff soon. Have a good Saturday chickadees.


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