Catching up – Wisconsin

After leaving my island I flew to Wisconsin where I spent a couple of days staying with Michelle Lane, her family and some rather adorable animals. These are babydoll sheep and their favourite treat is animal crackers.


Spring of course is the perfect time to visit someone with sheep – lambs!


The horse loved wool just a little too much though. While staying with Michelle I did an event at the super friendly Yellow Dog Knitting who even decorated with balloons for my visit.


I signed lots of books, chatted to knitters and may have fallen a little in love with this wheel – even though I don’t really ever spin. Luckily the horror of having to ship it to Scotland was motivation to leave it behind.


One of the knitters brought a tiny little pre-knitter with her and I finally got to take a photo of the tiny shoes on real baby feet.


The following day Michelle and one of her friends took me on a great tour of their area, including a trip to a rather crazy, but wonderful yarn store. This place might be messy but it’s also something of a treasure trove, I found some great vintage buttons, my silly kerchief and some local alpaca that’s truly the softest I’ve ever felt. I also spent some time searching the endless aisles of a huge antique mall for buttons, I’ve already mailed them home but I ended up with quite a haul. New storage / display for my button collection may be in order when I get back.