Spring was here, but it seems to have been chased away by some rather nasty weather. Here are a few of the things that have been cheering me up while it’s been stormy and snowy outside.

A package full of vintage buttons, purchased from this ebay seller.

YIP 89 - March 29 - tea and biscuits-1
Tea and cute biscuits. The cutters are from ikea and I used Smitten Kitchen’s brownie roll-out cookie recipe, sandwiched with sweetened ricotta. Yum!

Loumms bags-1

Adorable, and practical, project bags from Loumms. I love the mismatched buttons (no zips to trap the yarn in) and that they come with a tiny matching lavender sachet.


Shaping worked into cables.


Actually printing photos, so far just this one of Gudrun, Connie and I that I printed to test some paper I found in the back of a drawer but now I think I need to print some more of my favourites. Spotting this on the shelf above my desk is definitely a cheery sight while I work.

YIP 90 - March 31st - the sun peeked out-1

Best of all, the sun just managed to peek out right at the end of the day.