Cheering up

I’ve been feeling rather out of sorts for the last few days, mainly because of the full moon and it’s effect on my ability to concentrate or sleep. Today became sort of dedicated to cheering myself up and I think it’s worked.

It got off to a good start. I was awoken at 7.30 by the postman, I forgave him for the rude awakening, a mere 3 hours after I went to sleep because he brought me this.

A wonderful woman called Elaine read my last post about needing a ball winder and offered to sent me one. Thank you Elaine! For anyone who has ever wondered whether a ball winder is worth it, it totally is. I think if I had ever tried using one I would have bought one without even thinking about it. So much faster than I was expecting it to be, and also less cheap plasticy.
This wasn’t the only awesome delivery of the morning, but the next two happily arrived once I’d had a little more sleep. I’ve been thinking of ordering organic veggies to be delivered for a while, but wasn’t able to until I was back in my flat. Finally got around to ordering and my first delivery arrived today, including a 7lb pumpkin! The farm very helpfully sent a soup recipe for it, but that didn’t quite use half of it. I’ve never really cooked anything with a pumpkin, until recently you only ever saw halloween ones around here and I remember trying to cook with that as a kid. They’re definitely not bred for flavour, eew. Although pumpkins for eating seem to have become more common over the last few years I’ve never bought one because I have no desire to carry something that weighs that much home. So maybe you can help me figure out what to do with the rest of my pumpkin – anyone got any much loved recipes? Preferably for savouries, although I did find a muffin recipe in a book that sounds good, but it won’t use all of it.

The second post brought a package of little tins from Yvonne, my secret pal sendee from the last round. These took a while to get here, because apparently customs find a package of small tins coming from Amsterdam to be suspicious. Really – if we were sending drugs I think we’d be a little more imaginative!


While unwrapping my mail I ate a suitably indulgent breakfast. Smoked salmon, scrambled egg and tattie scones that I went to buy at 2am. So good. I think I want to try making these sometime.


Instead though, today, I made soda bread. To go with my pumpkin soup and because baking cheers me up. This is only partly due to the pink scales.

Strangely, especially for such a day, I haven’t knit a stitch. I have, however, been sewing some organization for my knitting projects. Tomorrow, the first Stripy post.