Chicago’s turning out to be a rather inspiring place. There’s some beautiful architecture, including this utterly perfect storybook turret. I’ve had some time to wander around (if 12 miles in a day can be called wandering!) and managed to visit the zoo, free and spacious which is nice, but a little too crowded on a sunny day for my liking and the sunshine meant most of the animals were snoozing. Luckily there’s a great hothouse beside the zoo which has the bonus of bathrooms with no lines.


I took far too many photos of plants, but they are amazing and very inspiring. I’d love to go back to these pictures and pick up on their shapes in a lace design.


chicago-7 chicago-10

chicago-14 chicago-11 chicago-9 chicago-6 chicago-4 chicago-3

chicago-12 chicago-5 chicago-13

This is a big city, but it’s also very green and I love the often unexpected combination of urban and natural.


Of course I had to visit the bean, which despite being such a recognisable landmark was still surprising in person and so much fun to play with. Can you see me?


Loopy Yarns on Saturday was such a fun event, you certainly kept me busy signing books! Lots of Ishbels came along. Don’t you love the wall of colour? They had every single colour of cascade 220, I’d love to play with that.