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Chicken Boots Winner!

by ysoldateague April 07, 2014

Thanks to everyone who entered the Chicken Boots giveaway!  There was so much love in the comments for Saremy and her bags, and some awesome storage ideas too.  We’ve picked out a few of the most popular suggestions, and a few that we thought were particularly clever…

5 most popular

1. Zip-lock bags!

These were an obvious favourite – clear so you can see what’s inside, a closure that doesn’t catch your yarn and a great way of keeping your knitting beastie and tangle-free.

It is so pedestrian, but zipper storage bags are perhaps my most-used storage and organizing tool. I store my yarn stash by skein(s) in bags, then file them in tubs in a very shallow closet in my house. Then when I do use a yarn in a project, the zipper bag gets tossed into a foldable market tote. Only the ball in current use will live outside the Baggie, ensuring it stays tangle and lint free. My WIPs live on a hallway coat hook in their market bags. The zipper storage bags might not be a fancy project bag, but they do dependable work for me. When a project is done, the Baggie goes back to the closet to be reused until it is ratty. – Heather

2. Clear tubs

Another favourite with knitters everywhere (and me!).  Katie Lynn took her love of the tub system to another level…

My favorite knitting-related craft solution is a tie between the accordion file (to store needles in) and the ever-useful tub. I have also added to the tubs a system within of gallon-sized plastic bags, each labelled with either how much of a certain thing is inside (such as 1,000yds fingering for a sweater), or by yarn weight for partial or single skeins. Makes going to stash dive so much easier, and I can squish the air out of the bags for a bit more storage. – Katie Lynn

3. Glass jars

These seemed to be used for everything, needles, notions and the yarn itself.  Using them as a pretty way of displaying leftovers was popular too.

I love to store my wound skeins and yarn remnants (hand wound into cute little round balls!) in big glass jars with heavy glass lids . . . to allow me too enjoy them without my wool-loving kitty getting her claws into them! – Shelley Tanner

4. Baskets

Ever wished that your stash looked like a yarn store?  Baskets seem to be a common technique!

I hang things everywhere also baskets.. baskets on top of every piece of furniture but nothing is in order! – Olivia Villarreal

5. Antiques

This was another common one, and one that lots of people who didn’t have the space or fortune to own mentioned as top of their storage wishlist.  Cabinets, dressers, trunks and medicine cabinets all seemed like excellent (and pretty!) ideas.

So fun to take a peek! I love organization! My favorite craft storage solution is an antique 5 drawer dresser that belonged to my great grandmother. I have my yarn stash divided out by yarn weight in each drawer, which makes it easy to see what I’ve got and is such a beautiful addition to my craft room! – Jennie

5 most ingenious

1. Makeup organisers

I loved this interview. I have a greater respect for her products. I use a makeup organizer for my knitting tools. All of the zipper compartments are see through and it folds up. I would love to have a Chicken Boots bag though. – Angie s.

2. Musical instrument cases

My favourite storage solution is an old trumpet case. It’s basically a long narrow box with a hinged lid and lined in soft fluffy material – perfect size for keeping my straight needles safe. – Ruth Harrison

3. Hanging things

My best craft storage solution is to hang things. Getting stuff off the floor can quadruple your storage space. I’ve got lots of hooks and clips attached to walls and shelves from which hang clear plastic bags containing yarn and needles. – Robin Allen

4. Stash as art (we love this idea!)

My solution for storing my yarn is to hang them on the wall as wall art. We stuck wooden spools on the wall ad now I can daydream about my next knitting project whilst ogling my stash!  – Rebekah Dwyer

5. Fishing tackle organisers

Oh wow. This is a dream studio! I love the circular storage case that an online friend made for me in a swap. The pages are actually fishing tackle binder pages, and she sewed a beautiful cover for it. I love that I can add or remove pockets from it. – Misha

And the winner is….

Catherine!  Who wrote –

I love bags, bags of all kinds, and shapes.  To store my knitting and spinning projects, I use brightly colored reusable shopping bags. I love the Saremy bags and the happy colored fabrics that are used. I would be a very happy knitter if I had one to tote around my current project.

Catherine – please get in touch with us on with your mailing address so we can get your prize on its way to you!  Congratulations!


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