christmas in september

well thats what it feels like anyway. I bought a new camera on friday so expect lots more (and better) photos – the macro setting on this is incredible. It’s a fuji finepix f10 if anyone’s interested.I got my dear birthday shirt (the one I bought on etsy to help raise money for the victims of hurricane Katrina). It’s soooooo cute I’ve been wearing it since I got it but I suppose I should take a shower and change.
dear birthday t shirt
It was made by Valerie Solanos (who has pretty labels with the same graphic as my shirt) she ahs a website –

My friend Doug is moving in with us (not finalised but should work out). This is great because I haven’t exactly been looking forward to interviewing strangers again.

I made a hat on friday night because I got home and decided I couldn’t go back out without one. It’s very simple but very cute and I’ll stick a tutorial up sometime. Needless to say I did go out on Friday night. Lots of fun – and with the new camera the photos are amazing/hilarious/shameful. We have a noticeboard in the kitchen named the wall of shame – so here is the virtual wall of shame (there are a lot of photos).

For those of you who have asked for written directions for the arisaig lace pattern I’ll try and write something up later today. Same goes for the hopeful mods. But I have a cold – and concentration isn’t great and I need to gut the kitchen and my room. Too much partying. So if it takes a day or two to get them up – you were forewarned.