My new macro lens arrived today and while I haven’t had much time to play with it yet I couldn’t resist snapping things around my studio.


Just like these photos the whimsy collection has been emerging in bits and pieces, and that’s how I’ve seen it myself for most of the last few months, but now it’s finally coming together into a whole. I’ve been working on the layout this week and it’s really starting to look like a real book.


Unfortunately I had to finally admit that one design just wasn’t working out and that it was dragging the whole project back. So this will no longer be part of the collection. Although I like the concept, there are all sorts of things wrong with the execution and I don’t want to publish something I’m not completely happy with. There will be a replacement though and I think you might like it.


As this project is coming to an end I’ve also been thinking about new ideas, I’m looking forward to starting those and building them up – tiny stitch by tiny stitch.