I took this photo several days ago, with the lack of light when I want to take photos if I want to post photos at the moment I’ll just have to accept them feeling a bit disjointed. This is a beret I’m now knitting for the third time. This one was the second one, and I liked the first one a bit better – it was grey and went with my amazing new coat in a less festive way. Also, this one has a funny little point in the centre that is almost cute but maybe not quite. So I’m re-making it in grey (both yarns are Lana Grossa Soffice) and trying to re-create the original decreases. Of course I lost the original about two weeks after finishing it. At my mother’s suggestion I think I’m going to print some labels to sew onto my handknits with contact details on them.

I just got back from the art shop – I got some medium to make the liquitex work better for printing. Hopefully it will work out well. I’m going to try that now.

My feet have been freezing recently so I knit a pair of fuzzy feet yesterday and today. Now I’m going to boil them with some vinegar and acid dye because white slippers are simply a stupid idea. I feel very homely knitting slippers from undyed wool that still smells of sheep. No idea what it is except that someone gave it to my mum with some supplies for her pre-school art classes and she hasn’t done those since I was seven. Most of my stash is rather old!

This evening I’m going to go to a stitch n bitch meet up. This group has been going for ages but I never seem to make it to their meetings. Sometimes I haven’t been able to make it, and I had reasons for not wanting to go to the venue they used to meet in. That’s just changed though so I’m going to go this evening and try and get over the shyness that has been the other thing stopping me from going. I’m really the most ridiculously introverted extrovert. I don’t mind talking in classes or giving speeches to hundreds of people or being interviewed on camera but put me in a social group situation and I have no idea what to say. So if you’re in Edinburgh and see me this evening please be nice to me and ask me questions so I have something to say. I think I’m posting this here so I have to go. Saying it out loud and all.
Anyway colours of various kinds want to be played with so I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures hopefully,