I was planning a contest to celebrate my 2 year blogiversary which is tomorrow, so it seems like a fun idea to combine that occasion with naming the short story readalong project. Thank you for the enthusiasm for this project, I’m definitely going to set up a separate collaborative blog. I’m quite excited. (See my last post for more info). It needs a name though, so that’s your challenge. Leave a comment with your suggestion for a name which can be as random/ abstract or as literal as you like. I’m looking for something that fits the project, is memorable and imaginative. If you want to explain your reasoning I’d love to read it, but don’t feel you have to, stories behind names are always interesting. You have until Midnight GMT on Friday to submit your entries (make sure you leave a working email address so that I can get back to you if you win.) My plan is to set the blog up so that the readalong can begin properly at the start of next week. The winner will be picked by me, because that is my prize for keeping this blog thing going for 2 years! If I can’t choose I might set up a poll of my shortlist. There will be a prize, a collection of goodies related to crafting and short stories. I might share some glimpses of what will be included in the prize over the next few days, but the final package will probably be tailored for the winner – no point in including yarn for someone who has no interest in it, if such people even exist. But I promise it will be worth entering for. Let the naming begin!