We drew a couple of random numbers and the winners of the book contest are Terhi and Birgitte. Terhi said “Instead of knitting book I have an addiction to Veeras (100 rain) patterns. Not just beautiful sweaters but also nice to knit.”

I’ve been following Veera Välimäki’s work for a while and love how her designs are contemporary, very wearable and look like they’d be interesting to knit. As soon as I saw this cardigan I started daydreaming about outfits it could be part of, Driven.

Birgitte commented that her “favourite recently published knitting book is the Bird Collection by Amimono (” Isn’t the styling of that beautiful? Recently I knit a project for a book in Isager yarn and was really impressed by its quality, in addition to the sophisticated colour palette that I’ve found inspiring for a long time. Birgitte’s latest blog post shows her first project from the book, the Nightingale vest, in a fascinating stitch pattern that I’ve seen before but never really considered in clothing, it works surprisingly well though.

Congratulations to both winners, I hope Coastal Knits and My Grandmother’s Knitting will inspire you to make many more beautiful projects!