I didn’t know my granddad, William Stewart, very well – he died just after my seventh birthday, but even as a little kid I thought he was interesting. He was an airplane engineer, computer programmer (in the super early punchcard days), member of the Fort William mountain rescue team, father of 6, fiddle maker (but not player) and of course a knitter. I’ve written about the yarn I inherited from him before, but I thought you might like to see some of his knitting.


He made these for me, and though my mum claims he knit rather awkwardly – she was surprised to see me knit with two colours without dropping either – the insides are pretty.


This one is a little damaged, the hem facing is a separate piece sewn onto the outside and the stitching is coming loose.

The cuffs are not just dirty, but unravelling. They show all the signs of being worn by a messy child, but I think I can fix them. It was me that messed them up in the first place.


I couldn’t find the baby blue yarn in my inherited shetland wool stash, but I found the other colour of the cuffs and that should help me re-knit them.


I love the rich colours he used in the jumper.

It still has the my name label my mum stitched into it when I started school.

He also knit a lot of gloves and mittens, these are one of the few actual pairs I could find though.


There’s something a little random about the colours, but I think that’s why I like these ones.