Cormo spoils from Squam

As we were spending the last few moments knitting on the dock at Squam, resisting the pull of real life (and, in my case, packing scattered belongings) I asked Clara if she had any yarn leftover from the Art Fair frenzy. Yarn that maybe I could purchase since I hadn’t had the chance the previous evening. For three hours I’d helped Ravelry serve beer to the excited line for Clara’s rarely available yarns and, despite the fact that we were in a room maybe 16 feet wide I hadn’t been able to see the yarn at all. But there was a little box left, and it was almost all white. Were people nervous about white garments? Did the colours, even the natural ones, elicit a stronger emotional response? 

I mentioned that I love white sweaters, and wear white shirts all the time because at least white is easy to get stains out of. I might have mentioned that I wished I had a white sweater like the beautiful Beekman Tavern Thea Colman designed for my book The Rhinebeck Sweater. All I meant was that I wanted to knit a white sweater, but Thea was part of the group on the dock, and she said, “I have it in the cabin, it’s a little big for me”

Thea paused. My brain was trying to tell me that it would be polite to shake my head, say “no, no, no, I couldn’t possibly, take it.” In reality I was probably grinning expectantly. 

I believe we discussed the fact that I could display it at events. It certainly deserves to be kept for best. But today, well I couldn’t resist. Nor could I resist the text message, right after I’d figured out that the shipment I was waiting in the studio for was held up in customs, that said “Want to come to the park?” 

Yes. And Beekman Tavern will only be worn occasionally but only because I really do want to keep it for display purposes. But today, on a completely ordinary day, I’m so happy I wore it without worrying. Classic style that feels like the softest hug.  

And that box of white yarn in the trunk of Clara’s car. Just like the Foxhill Farm Thea used for Beekman Tavern it was Cormo. Yes. 

You can read more about the yarn’s story here and while this particularly one is sold out, keep an eye out for new yarn releases from Clara — they go fast!