corset pullover

photo of interweave's corset pullover
Pattern: Corset Pullover from Interweave knits.

Designer: Robin Melanson

Yarn: pretty variegated pale blue/ grey lilac (with random pink red and green bits). It’s about 4 ply weight, I’m guessing jumper weight from jamiesons of shetland. It was in with all the yarn I inherited from my grandad. Unfortunately in my eagerness to start this I didn’t pay much attention to the concept that 3 skeins is not enough for a jumper, I’m going to have to do the sleeves in a different colour.

progress I’m up to the armpits on the back but the problem with pinning it to a dummy is that it looks so wearable, having it pinned up like that in my room is pretty good motivation to finish it before starting anything else.