crafting my own magic land

I’ve had this wardrobe since I was about 10. Unfortunately it never led me to a magic land, but it is quite a cozy place to sit inside anyway. I know both of these things, because believe me I’ve tried. I love how promising this photo makes it look, the inside of my wardrobe is more like a messy dressing up box than a normal wardrobe. I hope my attitude to clothing as costume never changes, even if what I consider suitable attire for leaving the house does (there are things I used to go out in that I wouldn’t even consider anymore – help! I’m growing up – scary stuff).

Thankyou for all your compliments about Rosa, and the suggestions about the ribbon. I hope I’ve inspired some of you to try the pattern – it really isn’t difficult. I found this ribbon:


I’m still not 100% sure about it, but I think it will do nicely until the perfect ribbon finds its way to me.

Talking of old things, I think I need a new pincushion:


but I can’t bear to throw this one out. I made it years and years ago, but I think it’s time he retired. Old things, especially old handmade things are just more magical.

As for knitting, I finished the pomatomus sock, with pointy toes for my pointy feet:


and instead of casting on for the second sock, I swatched this:


what do you think? The only problem is that the sts have to be moved from needle to needle every few rows, because of the way the pattern works. I’m still trying to sort this out so that I only have to do that a minimum amount, but it isn’t really bothering me.

Everything else I’m working on is secret, so nothing to show.
I emailed out the updated Matilda Jane today, check your paypal email account and get in touch if you haven’t received it or want to discuss anything.