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December 18, 2006


I knew that was going to happen. As soon as I didn’t have anything I had to be well enough to do my cold took charge. I’ve spent the last few days hibernating, but I feel more or less ok today. Hibernating has meant I’ve managed some (very simple) knitting.
That’s the new version of Snow White up to the armpits, I’ve made some changes to the shaping and as you can see taken into account the amount the first version stretched out (and consequently ended up kind of short). The yarn is Sublime cashmere merino silk aran and the entire name is perfectly descriptive – sublime indeed. It goes rather well with my freshly painted (courtesy of dad) kitchen.

Last night I felt able to knit something a little more intricate and started these socks as a xmas gift. I seem to be in a grey / blue phase.

I bought the yarn ages ago, in an organised sort of way. However, I can never stay organised for very long and didn’t start them until last night. The original plan was to make them in a simple rib pattern, but as I’d been knitting a jumper in 2×2 rib since Thursday that plan had lost its appeal. Some simple little two stitch cables were the obvious solution.? I need to post them, so I’ve set myself the deadline of having them done by Wednesday. I’ve got past the gusset decreases since I took this photo, so I don’t think that’s impossible. This one should probably be done, more or less at least, tonight. The yarn, which is also sublime but darker than in the photos, is Posh Yarn Luciain granite (I think).
I made these last weekend while studying for the poetry exam (shh – it never happened). Simple little garter stitch handwarmers knit from side to side with some short row shaping. Not especially original, but I guess I’ll post the pattern at some point. The yarn is Lana Grossa something tweed I think. In other words I’m now too lazy to find the ball band.


Things have got a wee bit festive here too. Getting your cards has been very exciting The hibernating sort of distracted me from my nice organised way of sending them before the last posting deadlines and consequently the ones to Europe went out much later than they should have done. Oops. So if you’re expecting a card from me and you live in Europe I’m sorry but it will probably be a New Year card now.

Here’s my little tree wrapped in lights and shading a few wee fairies.


I made all three dolls. The fairy, whose name is Druella (it means elfin one) has a wax head, jointed leather and cloth body and a crocheted dress. She’s also a bit worse for wear because I carried her everywhere for a while. I made her when I was sixteen. You may recognise the one on the left – the tiniest Ysolda that I made for a craftster challenge a earlier this year. The ragdoll on the right is the oldest, I think I was about eleven when I made her, her name is Tilda. She used to have a house inside a cupboard but she’s sort of homeless now. Poor thing. Please do not suggest I buy a dollhouse. I’d love to way too much. She and her friends are just fine under their tree.

Have a day full of fairies and knitting and twinkly lights chickadees and try not to get too stressed by the time of year and the to do lists and things. It will work out.


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