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June 14, 2007


Yes indeed I’m actually crocheting something other than a dishcloth, a flower or a provisional cast on. I have no idea if I’ve ever mentioned this here, but I started crocheting before I got really into knitting. I made a couple of hats (berets that I made up as I went along, crocheted in a spiral and which mostly ended up a bit wobbly) but I never really knew what I was doing. All of the books seemed to miss out so much and I was always left feeling very uncertain about whether I was doing it right or not. Crochet pretty much fell by the wayside when I got into knitting which I understood far more instinctively. But a few months ago I picked up a book from the library and figured out exactly which loops at the beginning and ends of the rows I was supposed to work into and made my first rectangle that had the same number of stitches in the final row as the first. I’m pretty proud of that dishcloth and the granny square one hanging next to it. I’ve been thinking about designing some crochet patterns for a while, nothing like aiming high! However I thought that it might help if I actually new the stitch names (lets ignore the ridiculously confusing differences between American and British terminology that uses the same names for different stitches) and if I’d ever used a crochet pattern.

So now I’m working on my very first crochet thing ever from a pattern. This working from a pattern thing is so much fun. I just got back from knitting group where people were rather amused that I was more excited about working from a pattern than designing my own stuff. But there are photos! I get to show them what I’m making! I don’t have to think about it! It’s turning out right! Don’t worry, I have far too many ideas to stop designing but maybe I’ll take a little break like this every so often.
This is Short n’ Sweet from The Happy Hooker.I’m using South West Trading Company Bamboo that I bought on sale a while ago. The colour is much brighter in real life, but my camera couldn’t really handle the intense pink and I had to de-saturate the photos a bit. I bought it because of the colour, although the amount of pink I’ve been using lately is getting a bit absurd. This I couldn’t resist though. I’ve started knitting with it a few times, but nothing was really working out. DSCF4247.JPG

The yarn is kind of strange, it’s very easy to catch an individual thread and pull it out and it feels kind of crunchy but fragily soft at the same time. Not very easy to explain but what I’m trying to say is that I’m far happier crocheting this yarn than knitting it, both in terms of working with it and the resulting fabric.

I used to religiously wind all of my yarn into center pull balls (by hand with whatever makeshift nostepinne, google if you’re confused, was handy) regardless of how it came because it ended up tangled by the end so frequently. Lately I’ve been slacking on that but this reminded me why I did it in the first place. These were in a drawer, stupid tangling elves. I’m trying to organise my stuff at the moment and now I’m dreading sorting out the rest of that particular drawer.

Of course the other fun thing about crochet is that it progresses so quickly, rows half an inch tall are quite a novelty. I started this yesterday and ripped out several rows.

The other reason I’m doing this is that I’m trying to stop myself designing anything new until I’ve written up some of the patterns for things I’ve already designed and knit. It’s starting to feel like if I keep making new stuff not only will I never go back to the old things but I might push the stuff I need to remember about them out of my head. And I know that you want me to write up these patterns so I’d like to avoid that scenario.

I hung those cardis up next to the fireplace in my room yesterday and the spot seems to be attracting more knitted items. Somehow these things seem too special to hide in the wardrobe and maybe it will remind me to write patterns. Click through to flickr for notes.



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