cycling and food colouring

i got my bike back this week. (it had been sitting rusting up in a warehouse where my dad dumped it when he demolished their garage). But he rescued it for me and now I can cycle to work – which takes less time than getting the bus although it does mean I can’t knit on the bus which isn’t really a problem seeing as the bus is normally so busy that I can’t knit without risking poking someone soemwhere fragile like an eye with one of the pointy sticks. My flatmate said that at least i’d get nice legs cycling 6 miles a day… quickle retracted that comment and gibbered something about how theres nothing wrong with my legs now… mwhaaahaaha Mr. T. I know where you live.
But yes cycling… mostly along the river which is pretty but then along one of edinburghs busiest most industrial roads — work in a building company’s office which is attached to a warehouse hence the location. But it’s ok cos the traffic goes so slowly that I whizz past them and laugh. Although I am thinking that learning what road signs mean/ how I should behave at complex junctions might be a good idea.

Tonight me and my friend jamie are making a harley quinn birthday cake for emerald —- this may be slightly challenging especially if tesco are mysteriously out of red food colouring — this happens frequently which is annoying when your trying to dye wool and even more annoying if your trying to make a harley quinn cake.