Please come back, my photos miss you oh so much! Sigh, I need to do some proper photo shoots but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen, so I thought you might like a little update on some of the things that will feature in said photo shoots when everything comes together for them.
The second Arabella is almost done, I just need to do the second of the cute little cap sleeves. The sleeves are picked up, knit from the shoulder down and shaped with short rows, a la Barbara Walker. This technique does create a rather shallow sleeve cap for normal sleeves, but that is perfect for little cap sleeves like this.

It’s a little fussy, but I love the way the cables merge together at the centre front of the neckline.
The first, totally sleeveless, version of Arabella was designed to wear over blouses with puffed sleeves (er I mean that’s how I planned to wear it, I wouldn’t be quite so prescriptive about how you wear my designs!). The plan for this sort of sleeved version is that it will also work well worn over other tops. I am looking forward to finishing this, since the first one has become one of my current wardrobe staples.

Another wardrobe staple is the new Apocalypse Hoodie, in fact I’m wearing it right now. I finished this perfectly as the temperature dropped and it’s a great snuggly in the house jumper that’s stylish enough to leave the house in.


The chunky zip goes perfectly with the yarn, and is neatly finished with bias binding that I painstakingly handstitched to the inside.

I wasn’t sure about the brightness of the binding to start with, I choose it mainly because I happened to have it to hand, but it has grown on me.

Notice anything about the colours I’ve been using recently? While I was never organised enough to keep up with project spectrum I have become increasingly aware that I do naturally go through periods where I gravitate towards certain colours. This is definitely one of the things that blogging has made me more aware of. It’s not just that I’ve noticed myself using certain colours and combinations but that I seem to notice those colours more in everything around me. It might be interesting to try and document that in other ways. Is this something that you’ve noticed about your own work?