De-cluttering cardigan

YIP 4 - Jan 4th - de-cluttered cardigan
Inspired by the fresh start of a new year I’ve been working hard in the last few days to really clear out the clutter in my flat. I’ve found a lot of junk, but also quite a few long abandoned projects like this cardigan.

the classic ysolda pose - but what is so interesting up there?

I think it ended up stuffed in a bag in the first place because it wasn’t perfect enough to be a pattern, the raglans particularly are way too deep. See how much extra space there is? I think it would look better if the waist hit at my natural waist like this too. I’m not really crazy about the colour either, but the blue buttons and making sure it’s away from my skin helps.


Although I can see why I abandoned this it was really, really close to done and despite the imperfections I think it’s pretty wearable. And a wearable garment is definitely better than clutter that’s been sitting around for almost 2 years!