Elijah and Otto make some new friends

Lots of new friends! These guys live in the adorable shop Ariadne
and were designed and knit by Jennie, the patterns for some of them are available from Ariadne and if you happen to be in Montreal she’s doing a class that sounds like a lot of fun soon. I love the idea of it – you make a basic doll in advance and then the class is for adding all of the fun details and giving the doll an individual character.


The owners of Ariadne, Molly Ann and Mary are really sweet and they took me to dinner on my first day here. I’ve ended up in the shop 3 times, I left Coraline there yesterday so we went to pick it up and found it in the window display which made me smile. If I’m going to lose a hand knit I’d like to do so at a knitting store! The trip to pick up Coraline turned into hanging out there for most of the afternoon.

P4251230.JPG P4251232.JPG

Elijah and Otto also had fun meeting local knitters at the Montreal Knits meet up on Thursday. They were much more sociable than I was, what with all of the walking around me and Kate did during the day and the time difference I was very sleepy and not very talkative. It was lovely to meet people though and there was lots of enthusiasm for photographing the little guys. I love how everyone gets into that. Makes me feel less weird.