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Elijah’s I-Knit

September 10, 2008


Since the Elijah that went missing from the store has never turned up (and is, I keep telling myself, having wonderful adventures without me) I’m making another. And so, Elijah in progress went to I-knit, where he had a lot of fun.

We met Emma, who had forgotten her mustache but was keen to demonstrate how it looks.


Emma dragged us of for a much needed break at a pub round the corner, where this little Elijah tried his first beer.

Then we went back to the hall to do some shopping and meet friends old and new.


Elijah found the giant sheep a cozy ride, but it was too proud to run him around the hall.


The aliens were much more fun to play with, although some of them got a bit too boisterous.

Elijah’s now trying to convince me that he needs six arms and eyes on stalks. We’ll see.


We met Jen, which was great since I last saw her at home and I’ve been using some of her yarn recently (nope I can’t show you!).


Elijah rested in some very pretty yarn from the Natural Dye Studio.


We met Alice, who hung out with Elijah’s big brother and gave us somewhere to sleep last time I was in London. Her yarn was almost all eaten up but it was great to see her, and Diane.


Elijah tried on a cute cardigan, but I think it’s a wee bit too big!


The giant knitting made him feel even tinier.


In an attempt to fatten up we visited the Dutch knitters for some yummy stroop waffels.


We met a beautiful Coraline, knit by Charlie, in posh yarn Sophia. That’s 100% cashmere and so, so soft. I’m currently knitting a sweater in the same yarn, but in the more wallet friendly lace weight. Have I shown you that? I’ve totally lost track, but I should, it’s pretty. And red, of course, everything I’m working on is red – or grey!


Elijah made a couple of adorable new friends, of the baby human

and fluffy bunny varieties.

And then we watched Stephanie’s signing queue gradually shorten.

By which time we were pretty tired, although at least not as knackered as she was!



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